Summer Internship in NYC

June 2018  - August 2018


UX Design & Research Intern,

Coding Mentor,  Wannabe New Yorker


Interviews, Contextual Inquiry, Sketching, Affinity Mapping, Wireframes, Prototyping, Personas, Inclusive Design, User Testing


Sketch, Invision, Mural, Pendo

The details of my work are omitted due to NDA agreement (no designs shared).

Please reach out to me via email and I'll be happy to share more details! 


UX Design Internship at MediaMath

In Summer of 2018, I worked as a UX Design Intern at MediaMath, the first and biggest Demand Side Platform in Advertisement Technology. I worked on two major UX Projects along with PMS, Senior UX Designer, Content Strategist and Engineers. My first project involved creating role-based personas to represent 1000+ users and second project involved designing a campaign performance report for 3000+ traders. Due to NDA, I have outlined the design process and key outcome of these projects. Apart from work, I made some new friends, explored New York City, took a lot of photos and ate tons of ice-cream!


Project 1 : Design a campaign performance report to help traders quickly gauge key insights across site and app media and drive smarter business decisions







I deal with ambiguity by breaking down the problem at hand and asking lot of questions, so I started by breaking down the design task.  To get answers to these questions I had multiple 1:1s with PM & Sr Designer and conducted user research through contextual inquiry & analysis of large scale enterprise data. After, I iteratively applied my interaction design skills to an enterprise product.


Since I cannot share screens, my design process is outlined below: 


Project 2 : Creating role-based personas to represent 1000+ diverse users

The key task here was to create personas to represent a wide & diverse range of 1000+ users. I decided to tackle this task by designing personas so that they are as inclusive as possible. During this time I also attended a workshop on inclusive personas at UXPA International 2018. Using what I learnt at the workshop as well as some principles of my own, I formulated an inclusive persona design as follows : 


Key Deliverables 

  1. High fidelity interactive prototypes of a media transparency (campaign performance) report that helps 3000+ traders monitor campaign health & drive smarter business decisions 

  2. Two role based personas that represent 1000+ users of T1 platform and help the Product Team make better design decisions by keeping the user in mind

  3. Synthesized research insights to be used for on-going customer journey map and service blue print 

  4. UI template of personas with inclusive design guideline 

  5. Re-usable interview protocols for need-finding and persona creation 


Development session for UX Designers to setup design system code

My background as Computer Science graduate and Senior Software Engineer, enabled to take initiative and mentor the UX team in setting up dev applications and code required to kick off their design system project. During the session I gave them an overview of GitHub, MacDown and Sublime Text Editor, and helped in command line based installations. 


UX in the Real World 

This summer I got a taste of UX in the Real World. I learnt how to work in a cross-functional UX team, with constant feedback from my seniors that helped me improve myself at every stage. I also got different perspectives on the same problem, learnt how to work under technical & business constraints, and learnt how to design for a wider, diverse audience. When I look back and think about my job as a Sr. Software Developer in Akamai, I realized that we worked mostly as silos after gather requirements on a task. My team at MediaMath collaboratively solved problems and that’s what I have come to love about UX. All in all, I am happy to have gained this internship experience on my transitional journey from Development to User Experience.

One of the many ice creams I

hogged in the summer

Beautiful concrete jungle right outside my office 

San Francisco Bay Area