Akamai Technologies

Received Spot Awards for Outstanding Contribution in 2015 & 2016


Salesforce Cloud Platform (Apex, SOQL, Visual force), AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3



Software Engineer II 


July 2014 - April 2017

The details ​of my work are under NDA 


As a full stack software developer, I built applications for Akamai's Global Sales & Marketing team to carry about their business processes on the Salesforce Cloud Platform. I closely worked with business system analysts, quality assurance engineers and operation engineers to implement applications. 


NetAlliance Partner Portal Project


The  NetAlliance Partner Portal  helps on-board partners with information regarding Akamai's products and helps them co-market the products on behalf of Akamai.

The Problem

The entire portal consisted of static web pages and poor interfaces. Further, it consisted of an outdated interface with difficult navigation through files making the on-boarding experience of users un-desirable.


The Solution

As the main full-stack developer of this project, I integrated AngularJS & Bootstrap with Salesforce Partner Community Platform to revamp the portal with fast & dynamic web pages. I redesigned the back-end database model and implemented a security model for files that contain sensitive information. Further, I designed and developed a file browser that quickly indexes & filters files, and a cron-job to maintain file subscriptions. These changes reduced future changes to the portal cycles from 2 week release cycle to 1 day. 


Marketing Focus Attribute 

The Problem

Akamai's ​marketing team uses Alexa Web Information services to gain country-wise traffic information of websites in order plan marketing campaigns for higher return on investment. The retrieval of this information was done manually by marketing team.

The Solution

I developed a cron-job integrated Alexa Web Information APIs with Salesforce to collect traffic information of 1lakh+ customer websites, parse the response, segregate them based on rules and make the information available on customer accounts handled by marketing team. This automated job reduced their work from few days to 3 hours. 

Key Takeaways 

By working in the software industry, I learnt how important it is for a developer to know not only how to code but also understand business use cases in order to deliver better products. I learnt best coding practices and the importance of meeting deliverables in a timely manner. Further, I also learnt the how to present myself professionally,  communicate & co-ordinate with various teams. 

San Francisco Bay Area