Appsterchef - Everyone's a chef! 

September 2013   |       RV College of Engineering     |  Team size : 4

Problem Statement : Students who live in college hostels and away from home need to cook for themselves. During busy study schedules consisting of project submissions and tests, students often do not have the time to make frequent trips to the supermarket and have few ingredients in their kitchen. 


An easy to use Android application with the following key features -

  1. Make My Dish : Get recipes based on available ingredients in the kitchen.

  2. Chef’s Corner : The conventional feature of getting recipes based on dish name.

  3. Taste My Dish :  Allows users to contribute their custom recipes to the database.

Sketches/ Wireframes :


 Implementation :

 AppsterChef mainly consists of 4 Components 

  • Android Phone (the client)- the android phone has the required input fields to gather the data from the user, sends the data to the php front end via Internet. It also accepts the response from the server to display the results to the  user.


  • Php Front end of the Server- the front end acts as the intermediate entity where it takes the input from the client and gives it to the database and vice versa. It also formulates the SQL query for the data retrieval from the server based on the input given by the user. It is to be noted that the php front will not contain a form as the android phone acts as the form.


  • Database- The database is stored on a remote location (hosted on which can be accessed by the administrators or the php front end. The data base uses Structured Query Language MYSQL to manage the data held in the database.


  • Connectivity –the phone and the php front end communicate data through the internet via the HTTP Api’s. The HTTP api’s uses a well know PORT (80) for the communication between the front end and the phone. It uses the stateless transfer methods for communication .The most preferred HTTP Api is the HTTPOST. This api is used to insert/update the data to the server and in response to this request, the sever give a reply which should contain the queried information. The format used by the server to send back the information is a JSON OBJECT which facilitates the easy retrieval of data.  

Screen Designs :

Conclusion : AppsterChef was widely used and appreciated by students of RV College of Engineering.

There is scope for further improvement such as the ability to add products simply by scanning their barcode. Also, a video feature to view and upload recipes can be added, each recipe can be rated by certain experienced chefs and users alike and recipe of the day feature.

Honors : Rated in top 5 (of 25) Android applications of the batch by Android experts from Samsung

Architecture Diagram

Data Flow Diagrams

Home page 

Make my dish : Get recipes based on available ingredients

Make my dish : Get recipes based on available ingredients

Chef's corner : Get recipes

Taste my dish : Contribute your custom recipes

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